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[Proposal] Van - Fla

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Yeah. Well I dont think his thread is 'useless' . And if you are going to take pains to reply to a thread, how about doing something constructive rather than being negative and just cutting others down.

If you dont like the guys suggestion, put up your own. Its not unreasonable a request.

The negativity does nothing.

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To Florida: Luongo,3rd,raymond,Malholtra(It's sad to let him go! :unsure: )

To Vancouver:Bjugstad,Matthias,Upshall,Santorelli.

I think it's pretty even. I got rid of Malholtra because we are getting 3 centers.

With Kesler....










I love it!


Pcuzz B)

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Seriously I don't see why Florida is so desperate to get Luongo as people are mentioning that they do. Florida can just simply use their tandem of Theodore/Clemmenson like last year for a year and simply wait out the year and sign a UFA goalie next year (Backstrom, Lethonen, Thomas, Howard, Smith) without even giving up any assets. Same goes for Toronto and any other teams that are targeting Luongo. So in the end, I really don't think we're going to get much in return for Luongo no matter the team he goes to.

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