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[proposal] van and stl, van and fla

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raymond and edler for chris stewart and kris russel. we get a top 1-2nd line right wing and top 4 dman. they get top pairing dman and a 2-3rd line winger.

lu schroeder for bjugstad mathias. they get number one goalie and prospect. we get a solid third liner and prospect (bigger up middle than schroed) and free up cap room for a run at doan

sed sed doan

booth kes stewart

math laps burr

higgy malho hans

kas bjugs jens can push for mins

ham juic

garr russ

tan bal




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Terrible trades. Edler is the Allstar of our Defense which we need to hold onto.

Apparently we need to include Hansen if we want Bjustad from Florida, Schroeder wouldn't do it.

Plus your lazyness to spell names properly is just stupid. Or in other words so you can understand. Yur pst is stpd n lzy

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