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Shane Doan Major Update


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So apperently according to CKNW 980 Shane met with Jamison either in person or on the phone and a deal is still not done to sign him, and the Canucks and Rangers are still not giving up , but the Rangers are reportedly willing to match ANY offer even the 4 year 30 million , and Jamison made a deal with the NHL (illegal) behind doors to get himself the 20 mill,

SO basically either way we won't get him , he will stay with Coyotes no matter what , he wont go back on his word and if he does leave for some odd reason he will go to Rangers for money and whatever

go back 1 year ago just 1 and Rangers had no Richards Gaborik or Nash and Coyotes still had no owner and we went to cup final , I bet if this was last year we would get him , Serioulsey , we got strung along all summer long and for him to just sign in Phoenix

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