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Inside the mind of Shane Doan

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Ok well I want to try this out. I want to try and think like Doan and come up with ideas where he might sign with.

First off he's a nature guy, so him going to the big city of New York seems a little odd.

The only thing that is bringing him there is the stacked team the have built.

New York is pretty far from where he lives.

Doan also doesn't have a lot of histroy with the players on the team. ( Maybe a little with Nash and Richards).

Also an American team.

Odds of me signing to New York if I'm Doan 1/10

Secondly lets take a look at Vancouver.

Tons of nature and outdoors perfect scenery one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

A Canadian team.

Close to where Doan and his familt lives and Co-owns a hockey team.

Gets to play with 2 of the best players in the NHL.

A team ready to win.

Again not much to talk about for history.

Odds of me signing to Vancouver 4/10

Phoniex has been Doan's home for years

It's in the desert but still has scenery

American team.

He has had no problem living there before

A team that has pieces to win, just not ready yet

Gets to be the big star, rather than share the spot light ( not sure if this matters to him.)

Histroy history history. For anyone who has played on a team before they know this. It is hard to leave these friendships with guys you have been teammates go to a team with new guys and look at those friends as opponents.

If the whole financial situation gets fixed in Phoenix Doan might want to stay.

Odds of me staying in Phoenix 5/10

Any thoughts?

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This is probably the best topic ever.

This is inside your mind.

Hi, I am you. You like stuff.

Odds of you liking stuff 5/10.

I assume you went to school. You must like school.

Odds of you going to school is 4/10.

Assume you are a guy, and likes girls.

Odds of you liking girls 1/10.

This is very rational stuff.

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