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Deciding between 2 Job Offers


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Hey Guys,

I am in a bit of a dilemma. I have signed off on a job offer of $40k in a entry level Accounts Payable position that starts in a week and a half. The company has myself and 2 others in the acct department. Growth will be slow. They said they will provide full training and software training (use some custom software)

Yesterday I had an interview with a oil and gas company in calgary for a position that is similar Its a Accounts Payable/Junior Accountant role. This organization uses SAP (ERP system) which I have zero experience in. I know I can do the accounts payable portion of the job thats easy, the junior stuff I have done in school but never in the work place. I guess my question is how flexible are some organizations with training and being patient with a new hire who is willing to learn. BTW these guys offered $53k and tons of growth potential in calgary.

I have to decide by 430pm monday


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depends how solid the contract is that you signed...

but i would go for more money... you might think your doing the right thing by sticking with the first guys you signed a contract to - but in a matter of weeks, even days, you will regret not going for the higher paying job.

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Im just a bit hesitant. Living in calgary all my life i know oil and gas is where its at. I lost my sales job last december and have never been able to find permanent FT employment since then, until now. So im just a bit hesitant because the lower paying job I know i can do, the higher paying is going to have a learning curve (also fear of getting fired) so thats where im stuck.

Also as a side note, I went into this oil and gas interview yesterday and bombed it on Purpose and they still called and want to hire me so I am jsut wondering WTF is up with that

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