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My Alex Edler tribute


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Geez Edler is a beauty! Has the big shot, good positional D, great passer and he hits BIG!


Nothing is really a weakness, because Edler has a bit above average size and capable speed. He hits big because he makes the effort to hit (good for him!), but not because he is physically imposing. So a net summary is that he is competent in all area's and has all star skills in the items above.

Then what separates him from a Norris candidate? Edler is not an elite athlete; but rather than it be a weakness its just what separates him from that true upper echelon level. The end to end rush highlight aside, one skill that could improve is a consistent ability to rush the puck; both to break pressure or to navigate the neutral zone (instead of that god awful drop pass) and deliver us to the scoring zone on the PP. So either add explosiveness with elite training or learn how to push up the ice protecting the puck with your body ala Pronger. And last, also add that Willie Mitchell level of compete, punish forwards battling in front of the net. Punishing guys in front of the net and improving his abilty to rush the puck would make Edler a knockout Norris candidate!

Guys like Lidstrom, or the Sedin's, discovered that elite level of training that gave them a new level at about Edler's current age. Hmmmm?

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