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hey guys, i was lookin at the canucks prospects roster and i saw a couple of players that i have never even heard of or seen before like Ilja Kablukov, Ilia Krikunov, Evgeny Gladskikh, Sergei Topol, Kiril Koltsov and Denis Grot. but the funny thing is that they are all RUSSIAN!! can someone help me and the others that might want to know this? :canucks:

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Did Kiril Koltsov not play for us in the minors (pre Winnipeg affiliation, was it Sherbrooke???)?

Mobile rushing defender I think, balance beyond me... Ultimately the vast majority of picks never crack your roster, you just want a few that do which impact.

(edit) Looked at player profile, did play Manitoba. 32 points in 74 games one season for the Moose, respectable.

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