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(Proposal) 4 way trade

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ok, i dont know if a 4 way trade has ever happenned but i think this would make sense for all teams.

To Van: Maxime Talbot, Wayne Simmonds, Fla 1st, Phi 3rd

To Phi: Bobby Ryan, Ed Jovanovski

To Fla: Roberto Luongo, Van 2nd,

To Ana: Mason Raymond, Scottie Upshall, Phi 1st, Phi 1st, Shawn Matthias

Van gets a third line center with playoff experience, a top six forward and a first round pick (a prospect)

Phi gets the best player in the trade and a much needed d man.

Fla gets their #1 goalie and two second round picks (prospects)

Ana gets three decent roster players to replace ryan and they also get a first round pick.

Van gains: Talbot, Simmonds and 1st, 3rd

Van loses: Luongo, Raymond and a 2nd

Phi gains: Ryan, Jovanovski

Phi loses: Talbot, Simmonds, 1st, 1st and a 2nd

Fla gains: Luongo, 2nd,

Fla loses: Jovanovski, Matthias, Upshall, a 1st

Ana gains: Raymond, Upshall, Matthias and 1st, 1st

Ana loses: Ryan

I think its pretty fair. maybe a few minor changes?

Flame away

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