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Do you guys think he could crack the top 6 this year?

Gillis said they didn't make an offer to Gragnani because they felt Connautons developed and is at the same level and that he'll compete for a top 6 spot this season.

If he plays almost as good as Tanev defensively, then I would rather have him play because he's bigger, hits more, and is obviously a lot better offensively and has a harder shot then most of our d-men.

He could run our 2nd powerplay that has sucked since Hodgson got traded.

Edler-Garrison on the first unit, Edler has a rocket and he can set up Garrison for one timers.

Bieksa-Connauton That would be a great pair, Bieksa always plays on the pp and they can set eachother up for one timers also playing on those sides.



Ballard-Connauton >>> Alberts,Rome

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His defence is improving but I think Tanev is more reliable in that department (I wouldn't say they're close really but it's not a huge knock on Connauton). He does hit more and can play physical but it isn't a major part of his game. Offence is where he excels as you'd mentioned.

I wouldn't put him with Bieksa necessarily. If Edler and Garrison become inseparable, I could see it being tried, but I thinkn it's more likely he gets paired with someone stronger defensively for at least the first little while. Maybe (PP only) Edler and Bieksa, plus Connauton and Garrison?

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I don't think Connauton will be a regular on the team next year unless he has an amazing training camp. And more seasoning in the AHL can only do him good. He is going to be solid for us on the backend for years to come. He should get some call ups this year to get a few NHL games under his belt.

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