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Just gauging interest to see how many people would be interested in starting this up again. Was a TON of fun last summer and I figured I'd try to revive it. If you're interested in playing, leave your name and start up a list. Ideally, we'd need around 20 people for this to work.

Never heard of Mafia? Check out some of the older games hosted by /user/43664-krazz/">Krazz.




  1. King of Winter

  2. No5Butcher

  3. OurTimeToShine

  4. Krazz

  5. Alex Galchenyuk

  6. Gumballthechewy

  7. Mufasa

  8. Sharpshooter

  9. mau5trap

  10. VICanucksfan5551

  11. oh captain my captain

  12. SOB for MVP

  13. shiznak

  14. Snake Doctor

  15. Toasta Brigger

  16. Ti'gol Bitties

  17. Patrick Kane

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Then you missed one of the best games of mafia to have ever been played.....so I was told. Everything had to go right from the start and luckily they did, right up till almost the end....but even then it was too late for the townsfolk.

I wonder if that thread is still kicking around? I wouldn't mind having a look at it again.

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