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[Report] Canucks working on new deal for Burrows

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News1130 Sports@News1130Sports

#Canucks forwrad Alex Burrows agent Paul Corbeil tells CKWX talks are in the intial stages for a new deal for Burrows.

Corbiel says the #Canucks called him 2 weeks ago and expressed interest in getting a new deal done.

Burrows is a u-f-a next summer and has set himself up for a nice pay day. Corbiel says Burrows #1 choice is to re-sign with #Canucks.

Corbiel says the 2 sides have not talked #'s yet but you gotta think when they do - the #'s won't be small.

Get it done MG. This guy deserves a fair contract this time around. I love the Canucks but....if Burrows goes, my loyalties to the team will as well...

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Honestly as much as I love him, I think it's a good time for him to bank what he's really worth. I can't believe he signed for so low, but it kind of feels like we took advantage of him. If another team can offer him better then all the power to him.

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I can't seem us offering more than Kesler money as the top end. Clearly, he is worth more than 2M, which is way beyond a discount IMO. There would probably be a team on the open market willing to offer 6M would be my guess.

With all that in mind, I think he will sign with us in the range 4.0-4.5M for 3-4 years, which is pretty fair.

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