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David Pratt Gets new CKNW show 7-9 pm Weekdays


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Great news for BC sports fans. Frankly TEAM 1040 sucks. I've said before that I've been listening to Dan Russell Sports Talk off and on for 25 + years now. He's the best sports talk show host in Vancouver. Proof ?, he's got the longest running sports talk show in Canada.

Taylor is good on TEAM and MOJ is pretty good too.

I kinda lost respect for Taylor when he and Pratt had Ron Maclean on the TEAM after the Auger incident. Maclean had embarrassed Burrows on HNIC. Taylor failed miserably that day after failing to ask Maclean even one decent question. Pratt actually drilled Maclean and gained a lot of respect.

Good for Pratt to get his own show.

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Nothing wrong with competition, I prefer CKNW at night over 1040 anyway.

At 1040, I like Taylor, BMAC and Sekeres. Sekeres is probably the only guy at the station who has knowledge beyond just hockey, the guy can talk ALL SPORTS (BMAC isn't bad).

I guess I differ from the rest, I don't need guys like Pratt to sensationalize crap and pump me up. I just want to hear sports talk. I'll probably listen quite often and just turn off when the right-wing politics become too much to listen to.

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