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Teenage Resume Help?


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Rules for internet forums:

Don't spell simple words incorrectly, because it'll de-rail the purpose of the thread. This is especially the case if you're asking for career / educational advice.

It's the internet. People will harp on you for anything. Plus it's retarded to spell guys, guise.

Anyways, what should you put on it?

That depends on what you CAN put on it.

Do you have any work experience, or volunteer experience? Are you in college? Have you graduated from high school?

Be specific, foo.

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Keep it simple - 1 page - work experience / volunteer experience, education, special classes or courses you've taken (babysitting, flagging, H2S, First Aid, etc.), special skills, interests / hobbies.

Add 1 separate page for references - 1 personal, one work or volunteer-related. No direct family members.

Simple font - Helvetica. No fancy colors or clip art or elements of design.

Use proper English.


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Since you have no experience you want to fill the page with skills, perhaps some hobbies, make up some crap they cant verify if you feel like being a little shifty.

One piece of information Ill give you:

Accept any job your given, even if you don't know how to do it. You can either learn/try to get through or quit.

Also, I once applied for save-on-foods (same company as yours), they ask you some simple questions in the interview like If the phone is ringing and your dealing with a customer what do you do. If you honestly cannot answer the question to your ability say something along the lines of "This will be my first job, I honestly don't know what I'm supposed to do, but I learn quickly" or something.. This all my sound stupid but so is the entire job application process nowadays..

Back in the day you showed up with your work boots to a site and said "I want to work"

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