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In early July, a new style of play was implemented. Tired with playing the small, skilled, game, an experiment was conducted. Using big, strong players. Powerforwards.

Using players with imposing frames from 6'2 to 6'4, weighing around 210-230 pounds, made our on ice players a force to be reckoned with.

Able to protect the puck, drive the net, lay the body, work the boards, create plays, and more. It was from that day on, a new mentality was born, a PWF mentality.

Ever since NHL11, we preferred using NHL player names for our EASHL characters. Ever since PWF mentality was born, our most frequently used players are the leagues top powerforwards in the NHL.

Lucic, Horton, Clowe, Iginla, Neal, Franzen, Getzlaf, Perry, Ryan, Stewart, Hartnell, Doan, Pacioretty, Cole, Ovechkin, E.Kane, Backes, Brown, Ruutu, E.Staal, Nash, Malone, Benn, Dubinsky, Kovalchuk, Clarkson, Morrow, Kesler, Booth...

The best way to be a PWF in NHL12/13 is not to actual use the PWF player type. I personally use PLY since I play center (PWF on LW otherwise). My team-mates like to use SNP or TWF. The main idea is to play like one.

This obviously won't be achieved with using a 5'11 175 pound player. You definitely need the size. But no perimeter play, no pansy stuff. Go straight to the net, whether you're deking your way there, or using sheer power. That's the PWF mentality.

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NHL12 club-link:

NHL13 club-link:


Coming soon

How to join:

  • First PM Patrick Kane on CDC.

  • Provide your gamertag in the PM, give a little info about yourself.

  • We are a highly intense club, only recruiting top players. You should be confident in your abilities before applying.

  • Patrick Kane or one of the club members will play a one on one game in versus to determine overall skill level.

  • If you pass the first test, you will then be invited to the club to play a few games. This is where you prove your worth.

  • Player skill is not the only thing that will land you a spot on the best CDC XBOX club. You should be friendly, talk on the mic frequently, not be stupid, preferably a Canucks fan, regular CDC user, and your playing style must be team orientated, and willing to PASS the puck and play defense.

  • If you have a problem with any of the core members one the club, you will be removed immediately.

  • Ultimately we are looking for an active player, in his late teens, who is generally chill and relaxed, and doesn't get into arguments. Engages in conversations, and doesn't make a fool of himself. Plays a team game, passes the puck, back-checks, defensively sound, with offensive skill.

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I have been playing for 2 days. B) Also looking for 1 or 2 guys for my team. I have played with kaner lots but his team is to damn big already. Any position is open except left wing. Looking for good players on the pacific time zone. NO LITTLE KIDS. We are generally NSFW lol. Team Name is Buffalo Riders. My Gamertag is Dano1kanobi

Hope you dont mind i posted this in your thread Kane.

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