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Is the minus button back?

Ryan Kesler RK17

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I'd like the minus button to return but not the minus count. That probably sounds confusing, but the idea is that you could vote to bring +'s back down, but they would never drop below zero. Spares us the petty negative fights but lends more weight to the actual count. Really, I feel like without a minus button the plus button is worthless.

In the end though, meh.

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minus button brings down the quality of CDC forums IMO.

PPL become afraid to express them selves freely, they only write pots that would avoid them getting a minus rep. I found this to happen the last two times the minus button was around.

I think the whole rep thing is pointless, friends plus each others posts and ppl write clever one sentence posts just to get pluses. One could have a huge plus rating without ever posting a knowledgeable paragraph about hockey.

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