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Who do you think will be the Canucks backup goaltender next season?

Here are some:

Dominik Hasek: Veteran who could mentor Schneider. Not sure he can still play well though.

Eddie Lack: NHL (or at least almost) ready prospect, but having 2 unproven goalies might not be the best idea.

Dan Ellis: has expressed interest in joining the canucks and could mentor Schneider. Ellis is my pick

Roberto Luongo: Could very well not be traded

Those are just some, there are plenty more.


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I think it's time a lot of the goalies involved in our organization get promoted.. Cory Schneider becoming number 1 on Canucks replacing Luongo (if he's traded), Eddie Lack promoted to number 2 on Canucks replacing Schneider, and Joe Cannata becoming number 1 on the Wolves replacing Lack....

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Deep reason why Ellis has stated he wants to play here was cause I'm sure he believes he can get away with the haters by playing backup and ultimately believes he has a good chance to dethrone schneids as the number 1 goalie considering schneids has never played a full season as the #1.

To me, it kinda makes no sense that a goalie that has minimal ties to Vancouver, blatantly states he wants to play for the Canucks. Obviously Ellis and his agent have discussed the best case scenario for himself to become a number 1 in the near future.

I'd go with someone that has been raised in our system- Lack.

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Cory Schneider should also be an option on this poll. There is no guarantee that he will be successful in handling the starting job nor has anyone come out to say that he will be the starting keeper for game 1.

With that said... Cory Schneider or Roberto Luongo will be the backup on opening night.


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Christobal Huet but it depends on the price. I think Lack should play another year in the AHL. Sign a backup for 1 year then Lack can (hopefull) move into the #2 spot.

That being said there are a number of guys out there so the bottom line is the cost. As long as we sign someone for $1M or less we're good to go.

If the seson doesn't start on time then Cory could play 90% of the games so the backup is more of an insurance policy. Should Cory get hurt then you can bring Lack up and the backup and Lack can battle it out for #1 until Cory returns.

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