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So in the last 2 playoff series we realised that we were outmatched offensively and physically. We haven't made any significant changes to our top 6 to fix that issue. I believe Shane Doan if the right price willing to take a contenders paycut could fill the gap on that second line. Or perhaps Ryan Clowe from the sjs he has one year remaining on his contract at 3.75 mil he is a heart and soul guy from Newfoundland I believe so and is a decent playmaker and can stick up for his teammates when needed. Then theres Todd Bertuzzi who has the cheapest cap hit of upwards of 2 million and can serve as a temporary power forward to perhaps mentor Kassian. So here are my following proposals for each of these players

Sign Shane Doan for 2 years/5.5 million or 4 years/20 million

Acquire Ryan Clowe from the Sharks for perhaps Luongo if they choose to deal Niemi.

Todd Bertuzzi for perhaps Keith Ballard which would be extra 2 million going their way.

What do you guys think this is my first post this year so please give me some much needed feedback thanks guys.

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All three would help add to the team but i think Doan would be the most likely to join the team and that's a huge long shot. You can tell he's doing everything he can to stay a coyote and with the possible lock out i think id pass on him if he wants that 4yr deal, 3yr tops.

Clowe would be the best fit id think though and who id want with his age, size and grit. He's similar to Doan but younger and also a great fighter and will stick up for his teammates. He might be available being in his last year of his contract and the lack of speed the sharks have. Him being in the same division i doubt a player like Clowe would be traded to us, most likely out east if he got traded but stranger things have happened.

Bertuzzi, i still have a soft spot for him and still watch him but theres no way he's coming back.

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