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Which Tandem Would You Rather Have: RNH & Webber or The Sedins?

Pasific Coluseum

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While I'm convinced the Sedins are the best 1,2 punch the Canucks have have had since Bure & Mogilny I think it's time we 'explore' our options.

In a hypothetical situation where all the stars aligned and we could acquire both Ryan Nugent Hopkins and Shea Webber for both Daniel & Henrik, do you pull the trigger? I say yes!

Imagine having 2 more home town BC boys alongside Hamuis & Garrison. RNH is obviously the real deal and easily has the potential to be better than Joe Sakic (another local boy who the Canucks failed to acquire) Shea Webber is the best Defenseman in the NHL and is second to Sidney Crosby as the 2nd best NHL player IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!

So I ask you this Canucks fans,

Would you rather have RNH & Shea Webber or The Sedins?

I think its a no brainer!

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Before you say that a player is the second best in THE WHOLE WORLD, spell their name right. WEBER. One 'B', not two. Not to mention that as good as he is, he isn't the second best player in the world behind crosby. Second best D-man maybe, but not player in general.

RNH was rushed into the league b/c Edmonton sucks. He's got it skill wise but he's too small as he is now, and he's already gotten injured b/c of it.

So no, I wouldn't trade the current Sedins for the current RNH and Weber. I would trade the Sedins in two or three years for Weber and RNH but that'll never happen. The Sedins stock will be too low by then, RNH's entry level contract will be ending and he'll be demanding big bucks and he might not even want to play here, plus Weber already has that terrible life time contract. Weber now and in the near future is great. Weber when he's 40? Maybe not.

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