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To Pittsburgh:

Jarome Iginla

To Calgary:

Beau Bennett

Simon Despres

Pittsburgh 1st (2014)

Why Pittsburgh does this:

Sidney Crosby hasn't had an elite winger to play with since Marian Hossa but if the Pens get Jarome Iginla he will have one. The two have chemistry from the 2010 Olympics, and would probably click in Pittsburgh. The Pens can afford to move prospects such as Bennett, Despres, and the 1st as they have more prospects rising such as Pouliot, Morrow, Maatta and Tangradi. Pittsburgh has enough cap room to make this deal too.

Why Calgary does this:

To maximize the opportunity to kick-start a rebuild, I think this would be a solid deal for them. They get 2 good on the rise pieces along with a 1st rounder for their aging captain. If Iginla and Kipper retire Flames, there might be some blood going around Calgary :P.

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Agreed. If I were Calgary, I would jump on this deal.

Calgary is a good enough team to fight for a playoff spot, but if they do, they won't make it far, resulting in mediocre draft picks. They need to completely blow it up and it starts with trading Iginla and Kiprusoff.

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Good deal for both sides.

Calgary will never do it though unfortunantly, they will continue on, miss the playoffs again and then have to pay way too much to keep Iginla around when he becomes a UFA, then his numbers will begin to go down, he will have a huge contract and his value wont be the same.

Too bad for them.

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This deal makes absolutely no sense for Pittsburgh. Forget Calgary But why would Pittsburgh even consider this? They had the number 1 ranked offence last year. Their team scored 13 more goals than the 2nd best team. Their problem is not scoring goals, it's keeping it out of their own net. So what if Crosby needs a better winger? You're considered the best player in the NHL, deal with it! Pitts is much better off dealing those guys for a quality defenceman or 2. Not an aging Iginla.

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