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Realistic Trade Proposals

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To Vancover:

Mika Ziabanejad

To: Ottawa

Jannik Hansen, 1st round pick, Schroeder, 2nd round pick

To Vancouver

Nick Bjugstad, Matthias

To Florida

Roberto Luongo, Raymond, 1st round pick

Sign Doan

Keep Zibanejad in the AHL for 1 year.





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Ottawa passed on Couturier and Hamilton to pick Zibanejad. I think they're really HIGH on him.

Plus I think Ziba would play another season in sweden instead of AHL.

Would you have traded Hodgson for a 3rd liner plus late 1st, the year after we drafted him???

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I am sure it is the same thing on other team's fan boards, but there is so much belief that their picks and prospects have untouchable value in comparison to ours. Like as if someone like an Edler wouldn't net Huberdeau. Really?? Edler is an all-star D who still has some room to be better. Huberdeau hasn't even played in the NHL yet he is worth more than established top defenceman? I smoke weed too but apparently I don't have the good stuff everyone else is on that makes you think that top prospects are worth their weight in gold compared to proven stars.

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