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Mafia revival two - factions


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This is the sign-up thread for Mafia Revival two. This will be a faction based game.

(reposted from the other thread)

For those unaware, the main difference between a faction game and a standard game is that there is no town. Instead, all players are divided into three or more factions with roughly balanced abilities. You may or may not know who the other members of your faction are. There may also be rogue players (serial killers, cults, etc.). This game will have four main factions (and possibly rogue factions), and need 16, 20 or 24 players. Discussion on thread would be encouraged.

This sort of game is only balanced if all of the players are comitted to playing, so I would hope that only those interested in playing the full game would sign-up.

If we have enough players I plan to start play on either Monday or Tuesday (I'd prefer Monday but may be out of town on business). If we have enough players for a Monday/Tuesday start, role PMs will go out Sunday.

This will be a bit experimental, as one of the big things with faction games is some members having some knowledge of who else is on the team. Since the no off thread coms rule cannot be enforced here, I will only be able to give very little information in this regard.

Sign-ups so far:

1. susraiders

2. Mufasa

3. mau5trap

4. Ti'gol Bitties

5. swedishdomination

6. canucklax

7. Alex Galchenyuk

8. VICanucksfan5551

9. oh captain my captain

10. Snake Doctor

11. Intoewsables

12. One one two

13. Number14








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Nobody else interested?

I'd like to hear some feedback from those who have signed up, if any are around this weekend. I can either change the set up a bit and run with however many people have signed up by 7pm tomorrow, or we can wait an extra day or two to see if a few more people sign up. Any preferences?

If I don't hear from anyone I'll make a command decision.

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