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Operation No Lock-out

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Does anyone else feel like we as fans can do something in this situation? I mean with the rise of protests and the way they are actually getting results (or at least bringing awareness to situations) that we as fans should step up and show support for the players?

I should start by saying that I don't think hockey players make that much money for the type of sport they play.. It is such a dangerous, high paced, entertaining sport and I feel like they don't get paid a ridiculous amount. Look at baseball for example, it is honestly ridiculous how much money some players make and the only thing that is remotely dangerous is the home plate collisions (and maybe getting hit by a pitch???).

I honestly feel like I can't deal with another lockout... Hockey makes my September-(sometimes June) amazing. The fans should have a say in what is going on with the league because, quite frankly, the league wouldn't exist without the fans. Players wouldn't get paid, owner's wouldn't have teams and hockey in general wouldn't exist at the NHL level.

Does anyone think there is anything we can do? There has to be something...

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Now? No, I don't think there's anything fans can do. However, after I think there is... Was anyone else kind of annoyed by Bettman's final words of the NHL.com CBA press conference they have posted? He said "Obviously if we can't get something done then a work stoppage is going to have to happen, and we recovered fine the last time because we have the world's greatest fans". It's just irritating that they're okay with the lockout because they know that we, the fans, will always come back... which we will. But I was thinking, what if we didn't just for one game, just to make somewhat of a statement. I'm saying for the start of the 2013 season, assuming no 2012 season, no one should watch or attend the first games of the season, just to make some kind of statement at how much bull crap this is.

I know it would be hard to even get that to happen, but to see empty rinks across north america at the start of the season, now that would be a sight... But of course because something of this magnitude would have to be done on something like Facebook, the owners would know about it and just not care probably...

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