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[Proposal] Weise for Rupp

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Rupp saw decreased minutes in NY last year, playing only 6:38 per game. In Pittsburgh, Rupp scored 22 goals over 2 seasons and averaged around 10 minutes per game and 200 hits per season.

He brings size (6'5, 244 lbs) and toughness (83 NHL fights). Weise goes back to New York in exchange.

The biggest drawback is his 1.5 million dollar cap hit. Pretty significant for a bubble guy.


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Would they want a guy who they waived to come back? Sure he's young but what value would they see in someone they gave up? Conversely Rupp has won a Cup before and is at the least a physical checking winger, at most a fringe power forward type, though he's pricey and getting up there in years. This is a pretty interesting scenario, though I think for the price tag and level of production it may not be worth it to make the swap (rather sign Bitz back for the size, plus again he's pricey and getting up in years whereas Weise should pan out to be a similar player).

I would do it if it helps the team's playoff depth, but it doesn't seem much more than a lateral move.

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