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Found something on the L.A Kings site.. Made me laugh

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1. Most memorable moment from the 2011-12 season?

John Hoven @mayorNHL - Plenty to chose from here, including Sam Gagner's eight-point night, Sidney Crosby's return to the NHL and Dustin Brown's hat-trick vs. Chicago. However, sadly, the most memorable moment wasn't a highlight - but rather a lowlight. Ryan Clowe putting his stick on the ice from the San Jose bench has to top the list. It was much more meaningful than the 'brain cramp' he later claimed led to it. Here's a professional athlete blatantly cheating. Sure, baseball players have been caught using performance enhancing drugs. Yet, that requires testing and outside parties being involved. Here, a National Hockey League player willingly impeded the play on the ice in front of 18,000 spectators and more watching at home on TV. In that single action, Clowe possibly decided the Pacific Division championship. LA needed to win that game to claim the title. Instead, San Jose won after the referees on the ice didn't call a penalty. Even further surprising was the way the league didn't issue any post-game punishment. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell took swift action after a Jets coach stuck his leg out to slow down a runner on the field. Clowe's penalty? Nothing. Maybe former pro wrestler-turned-Minnesota-Governor Jesse Ventura was right all along - 'Win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat.'

Bryan Reynolds @hockeywildernes - There are so very many. Remember that time when Pierre-Marc Bouchard scored that goal? Oh, and that time that Guillaume Latendresse played all 82 games? Or that time the NHL supplemental discipline system made sense? You don't? Huh. Must have all been in my head.

Honestly, for me, the most memorable moment from the 2011-12 season was watching the Kings beat the Canucks in round 1. It has been a joy the past few years to watch the sports hate of the Canucks spread across the NHL. We here in Minnesota have loathed them for a good long time, and it is nice to see so many new fan bases introduced to the debauchery that is the Vancouver Canucks. Watching them go home, heads hung in same, having won exactly one more playoff game than the Wild? Beautiful.

Also, the time ESPN almost reported about hockey. That was pretty sweet.

Derek Tanabe @fearthefin - As a Sharks fan, the home-and-home with the Kings at to close out the regular season was a brief sojourn from the frustration that marked the second half of San Jose's year. The Sharks were thoroughly outplayed in those two games but still managed to eke out victories in entertaining fashion, a welcome change seeing as the exact opposite of that script has played out so many times in San Jose during the Joe Thornton era. League-wide, Sam Gagner's eight-point game was a fun one. Few players in the league deserved that happening to them more than Gagner, who was still just 22 at the end of last season but has already gone through a zillion coaching changes in his career in Edmonton and is more or less The Forgotten One as the Oilers' ineptitude helps the franchise stockpile No. 1 overall picks. It was also just really enjoyable to watch and anytime something that historic happens, it's a memorable event.

Thomas Drance @CanucksArmy - For the Canucks and their fans I'd say it's a three way tie. The first candidate would be when Cody Hodgson blasted the puck past Tim Thomas to put the Canucks up by two. That goal was objectively awesome and meant more to Canucks fans because A) it was scored on Tim Thomas and B) that goal made sure that the Bruins paid for Brad Marchand's dangerous and filthy submarine hit on Sami Salo.

The second candidate would be when Duncan Keith threw that retributive elbow at Daniel Sedin's cranium and injured him for 13 of the final 15 games of the season. The third, and my personal favorite moment, was when Daniel Sedin scored in Detroit to tie the game against the Red Wings with seconds left on the clock. The Canucks would go on to win the game in a shootout, thus snapping the longest home winning streak in NHL history - that was pretty great.

As a general moment, I'd say it has to be Steve Bernier's major penalty, for a blindside hit on Rob Scuderi in game six of the Stanley Cup Final. When a controversial hit "decides" a game in which the Stanley Cup is awarded, it's a slam dunk winner for "most memorable moment."

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