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Petition to Change White Noise to Multicultural Noise [It's Acceptocracy]


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Ladies and Gentlemen,

We live in Canada, a mixing pot of the nations. A great land where every human being can feel at home and be loved by his fellow Canadian brothers. One thing stands in our way of being the capital of acceptance.

White Noise.

Why not Multicultural noise? This is a Canadian forum, and we should show our support for the many nations that make up this great land.

We should show our pride.

Sign in this thread, the official petition to have "White Noise" changed to "Multicultural Noise".

List of Signee's:

1. BananaMash

2. Horus

3. swedishdomination

4. Alain Vigneault

5. King of Winter (Caboose)


7. canuckbeliever

8. Henrik Sedin

9. Ti'gol Bitties

10. By Crom!

11. -Vintage Canuck-

12. Brad Marchand

13. Nucks fan555555

14. Alex Galchenyuk

15. Gooby

16. formyhunny77

17. TheEhrhoffEffect

18. MaximTROLLpierre

19. Where's Wellwood


21. KamikazeWatermelon

22. Niloc009

23. Mase_Raymond_21

24. CanucksCupHopes

25. Nail Yakupov

26. Bob Singh

27. PlayStation

28. The Sedin's 6th Sense

29. CheckYourUnderstanding

30. StevenStamkos

31. Cody Hodgson 9

32. Tony Romo


34. Burrows.Kesler1417

35. canucklax

36. i4i™

37. Bane

38. CanucksCupHopes

39. SukhKular

40. Gumballthechewy

41. SN -Admin


1) Is this for real? How PC can you get?

This is in fact, as real as you, myself, Santa, or Batman. One of those for for sure. I can be so PC that I run Windows XP. Don't think that's funny? Bugger off then.

2) What form of currency do you use?

We currently accept Toonies and Monopoly money only. No taxes.

3) You're an idiot.

Yeah? Well that's not a question. Idiot.

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