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Guess whose NOT coming to Vancity? Damn hurricane!


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So now for the bad news folks. My trip has officially been cancelled due to the hurricane or the so-called possibility of it affecting us here in Texas and our other Gulf coast sites in Louisiana. You have no idea how bummed I am right now and how much this hurts. I was finally going to have a chance to say goodbye to my Grandpa who is buried in Tacoma, WA and also visit my family there where i have not been since I moved in 1997.

The cherry on top was visiting majestic Vancity, meeting up with an old friend from back home and even meeting up with a friend here on CDC too (RinkonRenfrew). I even went so far as to go onto Google Maps Street View and virtually walk from the Cambie Hostel by Hastings down to the new outlet store next to PNE, just to visualize what it will be like. Well, now that is not happening. None of it is and I am not sure when it will again.

I cannot afford to just pick up and go to the PNW whenever I want to, but my job was going to give me that chance. Sorry to sound like a crybaby, but it was that important to me. Thank you to everyone who kindly made suggestions where to go and wished me a good trip. You guys are all proof that Canada is as awesome as Molson says it is. I am proud to be a Canuck and more proud to cheer alongside you guys/gals. I am confident that sooner than later I will be able to come back to my home away from home and share a pint or two with some of you while watching our boys in action. God bless and GO CANUCKS!!!

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That sucks big time! I'm sure you'll get a chance in the future and most likely it'll be when the season is on. Damn Hurricane! You play by mother natures rule though, and it's out of you control.

One tidbit of advice. The walk from The Cambie to Renfrew and Hastings is very far, interesting but very far.

Good luck in the future and keep your head up.


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