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Which Contract would be best for Alexander Edler?

Franz Liszt


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Title explains it, plus there is a poll.

Which contract do you think is best?

5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 years.

PROS for Edler:

- Power play defenseman who can put up 50 points with a big slap shot

- 6'3 215 and can hit like a beast

- Only 26 years old and still getting better

- Good in his own zone for the majority of the time

- Decent penalty killer

- Blocks shots

- Great vision and passer (mostly on the power play)

CONS for Edler

- Sometimes a little shaky defensively

- Doesn't shoot the puck enough, or super accurately on the power play

- Pinches sometimes or will make a big hit leaving his spot

- Doesn't fight with his size, but at least he will stick up for his teammates

- Streaky at times

My pick would be the 7 year, $36.75 million deal.

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Guest Dasein

None of those are best for Edler.

On the free market he'd get $6.5mil at least.

If Edler wanted to stay here and take a hometown discount, then the 7-8 year deal is much more desired because it is more guaranteed money than the other deals. I see $5.0mil as the absolute minimum that Edler might sign for in any deal, and expect anything from a $5.5-6.5mil cap hit deal.

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After a pretty horrible playoffs and very poor play down the stretch, I'd be cautious with giving out a really long term contract (especially with 4 defencemen already signed to hefty deals).

Something like a 4 year deal with a cap hit of about 5.5M would be ideal, and re-evaluate him when he's 30. He should really peak within the next 2 or 3 seasons, so we'll see how he plays after that because the worst thing we can do is have an Edler on the decline, scoring about 30 points and slowing down but taking up 5.5M of our cap.

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I chose the six year deal simply because if he re-signs for several years as a 33 year old when that contract expires then the Canucks wouldn't be on the hook for his cap should he retire. Who knows what will happen with a new CBA though.

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I dunno why any of you would choose any option other than the OP's shortest option of 5 years. If he kicks ass in those 5 years. Great, we'll resign him again and give him a raise. But what if he starts to suck? Then we're stuck with him for another 1-4 years. If you chose the longer option to lower the cap hit, well the Canucks are only saving $250,000 which in today's NHL means nothing. So the 5 year option for me.

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Based on the way you worded the question, obviously the best contract FOR Edler is the one that pays him the most money, and allows him to be an RFA again while he is still of a reasonable age. That may not be the best contract for the Canucks to OFFER to Edler, which I assume is what you really are asking.

As for your "pros" - Is he really "still getting better"? Based on his play last season that's pretty debatable.

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5 years at 5.5. It may be that 5 years is the longest term available if he signs after the new CBA is signed.

It's funny... The owners keep talking about wanting to get rid of the long term contract. If contracts are limited in term by the new CBA, the owners are going to have to pay more $ per season to keep players around. Can't they see this?


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lots of ppl said 7 years, but not for the right reason. It takes him to 34, and contains the lowest cap hit of the offers that keep him under 34. At 34 it would allow us, or anyone for that matter to sign him freely (under the current CBA rules) for another 10 years if we wanted with no drawback if he retires early or gets injured.

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