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New Venice Queen Album "Still Fighting"

Mike Versace ESQ

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Checked out their stuff on myspace. I'm a supporter of local talent and would like to offer some constructive criticism so they reach the next level.

They're tight. But the direction of the band might need adjustment. The first thing i thought when hearing the name 'Venice Queen' was, "Hey, are they going Daniel Wesley route?" With a name like 'Venice Queen', i would've thought so. Not expecting full-out reggae, but something that says, 'we're aiming for the surfer audience.' Incubus-esque might be another potential approach. But we all know we're talking Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Speaking of which, perhaps 'Venice Queen' isn't the best name for a band trying to gain attention, at least through youtube, because that's the name of a Red Hot Chili Peppers song that's been growing in popularity over the years. So even if one was to try and search for the specific band, it's well-buried beneath that song.

But hey, here's hoping the next level comes and the youtube hitcount surpasses RHCP's.

To do that you might want to tone down the riffs to match the vocals. Right now the riffs will alienate the mainstream audience and the vocals will tick off metal fans. With all due respect, the metal voice isn't there. It's too pop. And that's totally okay. Just acknowledge that and go for where the money is anyway. Incubus is tired and RHCP is old, and Daniel Wesley is just one guy. So they're going to be hunting for more talent in that direction.

Tight band. Vocals don't match. That's been the fatal flaw of many an up-and-coming band, imo. But if they feel they already have a fanbase with this and i'm dead wrong, so be it. I hope this helps and isn't taken like i hate them, because i don't. They have some great potential to go world-wide, and not cookie-cutter either.

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Hey TML. Not sure what songs you were able to hear. I think their MYSpace page only has a few songs from their old album. Their new CD called Still Fighting, I feel, stays true to their old sound but they weren't afraid to experiment with new ideas.

If you want, YouTube Venice Queen Misery Tree. There is a live version of the song from the night of the CD release. I think it has a Mötley Crüe sound. Catchy! Could hear it on a soundtrack for a Fast and Furious type movie

The new album is available on iTunes if you wanna check it out as well.

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