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[PS3] NHL 13: Be a GM Connected (Full)

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/user/86420-the-sedins-6th-sense/">The Sedin's 6th Sense

Assistant Commissionaires:



Welcome to the new PS3 Be a GM Connected league! I'm sure most of you know what happened with the other league, and we won't be having any of that here. To make sure, OilRigger89, inane, and myself will all be taking care of the league and will discuss anything that seems fishy or unfair. We will have the power to veto transactions if need to be, and we'd like to make sure our league - every single one of us - will be one that is fair, honest, fun to be a part of, and will leave us all with a good experience and time.

Because of the fraud in the old league, we'd like to acknowledge the members from the past league for putting in their time by giving them first dibs to choose their team. Members who were with us in the past league, you have until 9AM PT tomorrow to make a selection. After 9AM PT tomorrow, new members who'd like to participate in the league can take any of the remaining teams available. When picking a team, please say so clearly which team you'd like and also include your PSN in the post as well - it will make our life that much easier to organize things.

small.png Anaheim Ducks - /user/27255-d-money/">D-Money [PSN: TheDailyMail]

small.png Boston Bruins - /user/8990-kraftdinner/">kraftdinner [PSN: heartbreakkid268]

small.png Buffalo Sabres - /user/44502-vintageforever420/">VintageForever420 [PSN: reefer_smoker97]

small.png Calgary Flames - /user/63689-vintage-canuck/">-Vintage Canuck- [PSN: canucksfan96]

small.png Carolina Hurricanes - /user/38813-venage/">Venage [PSN: canucksumit94]

small.png Chicago Blackhawks - /user/31231-canucks%2301fan/">canucks#01fan [PSN: ranvir21]

small.png Colorado Avalanche - /user/48044-kooner91/">Kooner91 [PSN: PK-91]

small.png Columbus Blue Jackets - /user/85320-beavertongue/">BeaverTongue [PSN: customdeath]

small.png Dallas Stars - /user/91685-punjabicanuck/">PunjabiCanuck [PSN: prabh97]

small.png Detroit Red Wings - /user/84645-phoenixlipinski21/">PhoenixLipinski21 [PSN: Lipinski21]

small.png Edmonton Oilers - /user/87788-danthecanucksfan/">Danthecanucksfan [PSN: Devildan07]

small.png Florida Panthers - /user/55823-mufasa/">Mufasa [PSN: Bthaking]

small.png Los Angeles Kings - /user/40731-inane/">inane [PSN: vanculloden19]

small.png Minnesota Wild - /user/5650-jli17/">JLi17 [PSN: JLi17]

small.png Montreal Canadiens - /user/55727-krispy-kreme/">Krispy Kreme [PSN: PThind13]

small.png Nashville Predators - /user/90833-canucks4cup2012/">Canucks4Cup2012 [PSN: granddaddyp2234]

small.png New Jersey Devils - /user/52311-mikeyboy44/">MikeyBoy44 [PSN: MikeyBoy44]

small.png New York Islanders - /user/92111-kassian9/">kassian9 [PSN: shergill077]

small.png New York Rangers - /user/86420-the-sedins-6th-sense/">The Sedin's 6th Sense [PSN: Parm_13]

small.png Ottawa Senators - /user/60332-cowfun71/">Cowfun71 [PSN: Cowfun71]

small.png Philadelphia Flyers - /user/64805-gooby/">Gooby [PSN: rashid_4_life]

small.png Phoenix Coyotes - /user/49395-vv2/">vv2 [PSN: suresh19]

small.png Pittsburgh Penguins - /user/91885-mase-raymond-21/">Mase_Raymond_21 [PSN: skinny728]

small.png San Jose Sharks - /user/91231-6oh4/">6OH!4 [PSN: DJtrippleA]

small.png St. Louis Blues - /user/84457-silentyetdeadly/">SilentYetDeadly [PSN: NuckNation7]

small.png Tampa Bay Lightning - /user/87619-pavelselbow/">PavelsElbow [PSN: emehteeteewhy]

small.png Toronto Maple Leafs - /user/29613-hcoregdub/">hcoregdub [PSN: gc_088]

small.png Vancouver Canucks - /user/48392-oilrigger89/">OilRigger89 [PSN: viller17]

small.png Washington Capitals - /user/70601-edlerisbeast/">EDLER.IS.BEAST [PSN: Kurupt07-]

small.png Winnipeg Jets - /user/92506-checkyourunderstanding/">CheckYourUnderstanding [PSN: MonkeyGalvan]


Now that most teams are taken and only a few teams remain to be filled, trading is officially open. Note that the links posted for player overalls may not be final as EA may make changes, so trade with extra caution and warning. It is your sole responsibility to take on the risk if you make a trade, especially if the players involved in a deal had their ratings changed by EA, so no blame game - it is your full responsibility.

The final ratings aren't out so trader beware....

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Your Role & Goal As A GM

Once you have been accepted into the league, you will be managing an entire organization and fanbase. There are 3 situations you can realistically have with a team: You can either be a contender, a middle of the pack team, or a rebuilding franchise. Your goal? Simple - Build a team to the best of your abilities and win the Stanley Cup. Whether you want to win now or later is up to you depending on the type of team you have and which direction you want to go; however, the main goal for everyone is to someday become a contender and ultimately win the Cup.

Now that you know your goal, time to know your role. As a GM and a member of the league, it will be difficult to lose your job - Exceptions: if you are doing an extremely poor job of managing your team or if you are cheating in some way. The ideal role of a GM is to remain active to a reasonable extent and be involved in the league. You do not have to post 20 times a day in the thread to be active, all you have to do is check in on the thread, post here and there, and make sure in some way, you aren't invisible to all of us - make sure you are seen visible to the league plus its members and if you can maintain that, you will be actively fine. When contacting GM's for trades, make sure you aren't someone who will be low-balling everyone you message; people will judge you and it will lead to your name and GM rep being poor, and it will make your life difficult to make any type of deal. Word spreads, so don't be that GM known to low-ball everyone he contacts.

There are 30 teams, but there will be only 1 winner - you do not have to win to be considered a good GM. 29 others will not win the Stanley Cup, and even if you finish last, it won't mean your a bad GM cause like I said before, you can be a team rebuilding and as long as you are working towards your goal and getting there, you will not be seen as a bad GM. Think of what you should do to your team, which route you should take, and most importantly, will whatever your doing ultimately help you win the Cup now or in the future? If yes, you will be doing a fine job so no need to worry or be intimidated. Good luck to everyone! :)

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Hey guys,

Not much to say at the moment, Sedin pretty much nailed everything in the opening post. Anything seems fishy to you, report it to one of us 3 and we'll look into it. I just have something that should be clear from the start.

Trade offers must look something like this example :

TITLE : [NHL13 PLAY : VAN-NYR] its not hard, take the extra second


[RW] Marian Gaborik ($7.5M)


[C] Manny Malhotra ($2.5M)

Reasoning may be asked for if a trade gets looked into, not necessary at first proposal in less you'd like to include one.

Makes life easier for us, its going to be really busy once trades are allowed, etc, so anything you guys can do to make it easier for us, is greatly appreciated.

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