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To Van:

Matthias, rights to Kulikov

To Fla:

Luongo, Hansen,Sauve, 3rd (2013)

To Van:

rights to Evander Kane

To Win:


Sign Ellis 1 year 1m

Sedin Sedin Kane

Booth Kesler Burrows

Higgins Matthias Kassian

Malhotra Lappy Weise

Hamuis Bieksa

Kulikov Garisson

Ballard Tanev




Alot of people say there is worry that Edler won't stay when his contract is over.... but they have 18 mil in cap space show Edler the money and he will stay in the Peg... they would extend him as soon as they got him. people say they need to upgrade their offense but their offense really isn't that bad plus with additon of Edler their D looks Wicked..

Ladd Jokinen Wheeler

ponikarovky Antropov Burmistrov

Raymond Little Wellwood

Miettinen Slater Thorburn

Byfuglien Edler

Enstrom Bogasian

Stuart Hainsey




please excuse me if i got the line up wrong as i do not watch many jets games

They are pretty well set on Foward should be a fun team to watch if they do get Edler.

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You say there's a worry that Edler won't stay beyond this year (or want too much) but wouldn't there be just as much of a worry that Kane or Kulikov want too much right now? Sure, we'd retain their rights if they do, but if that's why they don't want to sign with their current teams, then it's probably a good sign we don't want them.

All I'm saying with that is until we have something that's confirmed that Edler wouldn't want to stay here or we couldn't afford him, it's hardly a reason to trade him. The new CBA might lengthen the RFA age as well, so Edler might not be a UFA next year.

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Stop effing trading Hansen!!! As if Kassian can replace what Hansen brings to the table, maybe in like 2-4 years.... maybe! So glad the idiots on here aren't the GM of this team trading away valuable under-rated, money-ball, hard-working, players like Hansen. I have nothing against the players you are trying to get but to lose Hansen as and add-on in your trade is unacceptable and not worth it as I think he will be a very significant piece to a Stanley Cup winning team. And for the rights to Kulikov give me a break he may just bolt for more money, Stupid proposal!

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That little d-bag scored 30 goals at 20 years of age....and you don't want him on your team? How do you know he even has attitude problems? Do you know him personally? I'd definately do that trade,especially if we got Kulikov out of a Luongo deal (Highly unlikely)

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