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[Rumour] Philadelpia Flyers have Inquired about Alexander Edler


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There are a ton of teams who still need top 4 D men... since we didn't keep Salo, get Weber or even sign that college UFA dude, then we don't have any spare to give away. We basically switched out Salo for Garrison (yet to see if that is better or worse).

On the other hand, it won't be too far into the season that we will be getting serious enquiries about Ballard who is now on a contract that looks pretty darn good. He is much more suited to a top 4 role than a bottom pairing, and I am sure he will be able to excel again in another system where he sees the ice more.

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to phi: edler, raymond,

to van: couturier, grossman

would you???

any deal involving philly and edler, it has to involve couturier








couturier can play wing also....but the mobility on our blueline takes a shot to the gut

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If garrison ends up being solid as a rock and we get points out of either Bieksa or hamhuis, why not think about it mid season?

I love edler but if we can get schenn or couturier + out of them and other guys are stepping up this could be a good move for the future.

use luongo to fetch a top 4 dman and use eddy to fetch a highly toughted prospect that u cant get in the luongo deal

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Interesting. Not looking to move Edler - at all - so imo It would take a proven young blueliner and Couturier to get it done - and all their young proven guys - Grossman, Meszaros, and Coburn - are left handed shots, don't have as much scoring punch as Edler, and therefore not going to match up with Garrison nearly as well as Edler will... but if they are willing to overpay and send Couturier with one of those guys, perhaps... or if the Canucks could sweeten a deal with Florida and land Gudbranson in a Lu deal, perhaps then a pair of forwards as proposed above would make sense.

Or include Lu in a monster deal and let them figure out what to do with Bryz (to Toronto...?)

Lu and Edler

Couturier, Simmonds/Vorachek, one of the young blueliners mentioned above, 1st.

realistically - with Doan undecided, Lu still here, and the CBA ongoing, it's hard to determine what the Canucks would want in return at this point.

And regarding the inquiry above whether Edler has expressed reluctance to re-sign or if the price is too high, there haven't been any rumblings to those effects.

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Am I the only one who would consider this seriously?

For a team that is looked to as a contender, Philly's D is in shambles. Timonen is really their only legitimate top-pairing has been great, but he is 37, and if he takes a step back (reasonable to assume that he will), they're really screwed.

Coburn, Meszaros, and Grossmann are all solid 2nd pairing guys, but none of them are at Edler's level - heck, none of them are at Hamhuis and Bieksa's level either. If we could get one of them in return for Edler, in addition to a young stud top-6 forward (Couturier and Schenn are unrealistic, but Voracek, Simmonds, or Read may be doable), we may be in a better position.

I think we'd be a better team with Voracek/Simmonds/Read and Coburn/Meszaros/Grossmann than we are with Edler, simply because we have a wealth of D-men but a lack of depth in scoring forwards. But I think Philly would be a better team with Edler, because they need a top pairing offensive D-man more than they need young forwards.

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