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(Proposal) Van-Fla, Van-Phi, 1 Signing

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To Van: Rights to Kulikov

To Fla: Luongo, Raymond, 2013 Second round pick

To Phi: Edler, Rodin, Schroeder 2014 First round pick

To Van: Couturier, Schenn

Sign Marty Turco to a 1 year, 1 million dollar contract

Sedin Sedin Burrows

Booth Kesler Couturier

Higgins Schenn Hansen

Volpatti Lapierre Malhotra


Bieksa Hamhuis

Kulikov Garrison

Ballard Tanev




Couturier is a great player for the second line, young, tough and i think he can be a playmaker.

Schenn can replace kesler while he is injured.

Turco can be a mentor for schneider and teach him some puck handling skills :P

edit: i took out connauton, i think its a little bit fairer now. and keep in mind we would have to overpay to acquire schenn and couturier

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I doubt your getting schenn as they just united the brothers and that is a massive over payment. edler is just about to enter his prime and should be a number one guy in a year or 2.

If they want Eddie its couturier+ or ur not getting him. I was thinkin more couturier simmonds for edler Schroeder... Giving them Schroeder makes coughing up couturier a little easier. He's not a sure fire bet like couturier but he's got top six potential and they're getting a good young defenseman entering his prime.

And there's no way we give up connaughton if we move edler. We don't have anyone with those puck moving and quarterback abilities in the system after edler.

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Not if Philly is the one asking about Edler it won't. If they want to try and pry him from us because they're defence is a big question mark right now, then they have to be willing to give to get.

We don't have to move him anywhere, and we have pretty decent centers in our system already so we don't really need either of Couturier or Schenn (I assume you meant Braydon) since they'd be stuck behind Henrik and Kesler anyways. Sure they'd be an upgrade, but how much so for a 3rd line center spot over what we already have?

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Edler, Raymond, Schroeder, Higgins and Tanev to PHI for Couturier, Voracek, Simmonds and 2013 1st.


Luongo to FLA for Kulikov (replaces Edler)










Get young on the fly and also have 2 1st round picks in a deep 2013 draft

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To Van: Rights to Kulikov

To Fla: Luongo, Raymond, 2013 Second round pick

Some people on CDC sure think highly of Lu... :rolleyes::picard: I mean seriously? For Kulikov's RIGHTS? I'd rather just send him an offer sheet that would get him for a 2nd round pick alone than give all that for his rights (I know that signing him to that sheet would get matched, but I'd still rather try that than trade that much for rights. Sheez Louise.)

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