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My Edler Trade


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I will edit as I hear from you guys but here is mine











Gudbranson=Luongo and 1st


Florida does this to fill there needs like a good defense and goalie,Some offense ,a pick and a prospect.We know why Van does this

Sedins and burrows

Booth Kesler Versteeg

Higgins Lappiere Hansen

Weise Malhotra Kassian

Hamuis Bieksa

Garrison Gudbranson

Ballard Tanev



Pretty good team eh?

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the problem is it doesnt really fit the needs of the teams. its basically just a big splash for no reason.

fla just got a taste of the playoffs and theres no doubt theat luongo and edler would help them. but they are giving up 3 good reasons they got to the playoffs so it doesnt make sense. they have a stockpile of high end talent that will be cracking their roster over the next couple of years and will hit their primes around the same time as gudbranson. edler is just about to enter his prime so trading for him would be useless and he most likely wouldnt resign with them.

i can tell the edler trade talk is confusing you a little so i'll break it down for you.

for starters we need to trade luongo, right?.. and a major concern is who is going to carry the torch as our core ages? so ideally we would like to flip luongo for good young players that are nhl ready so we dont end up as bottom feeders.

the problem is the market and demand isnt right for luongo right now because there isnt any top contender teams in dire need of a goalie.

but we do have a good young allstar defenseman just about to enter his prime in edler.. any top contender would love to have him and hes the kind of player it would take a serious overpayment to get.

see where im going with this?... basically, make someone over pay bigtime for edler and set up the future after the sedins retire.. then use an overpayment luongo package to get us a top 4 up and coming defenseman. our D gets weaker over the next few years but the future gets bright and we will still most likely make the playoffs in those years

so if your going to make an edler trade proposal you need to find a playoff bound team with a serious need on D.. but they have to have really good grade A prospects they might be able to part with(like philly)...

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