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(Proposal) Kings-Flames


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Los Angeles doesn't have the best top 4. So if they got Bouwmeester I'm sure he would solidify it. Here is what I propose:

To Los Angeles: Jay Bouwmeester

To Calgary: Justin Williams + Andrei Loktionov

Calgary top six:

Tanguay - Cammalleri - Iginla

Baertschi - Hudler - Williams


Brown - Kopitar - Penner

Gagne - Carter - Richards

King - Stoll - Nolan

Lewis - Fraser - Clifford

Doughty - Bouwmeester

Mitchell - Greene

Scuderi - Voynov



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Pretty Good, I think LA is more gunna be more active than Previous champions in that they will make changes they feel are necessarily, not just say "this won us a cup before so we will go with it again and see what happens"

So I think this proposal will help them, they have young guys who might push for a better spot in there forward group, and it's already good enough that losing Williams won't be that bad since they get J-Bo.

So good Proposal.

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I like the basic premise of this deal. However, Williams is pretty underpaid under his current contract, and he's part of the Kings' winning Top 6 group last season, so why would they trade him?

If Calgary finally comes to its senses in the near future about rebuilding and Kipper gets moved, I would propose a deal built around

Bernier (who wants to start), one of Loktionov (might not have time in L.A.) or Martinez (probably gets pushed out of the Top-6 on D if J-Bo does join them), and maybe a pick to help the Flames rebuild, while the Kings would get another strong puck mover, since they had the structure on D of having a puck mover with a stay-at-home D-man.

Mitchell - Doughty

Bouwmeester - Greene

Scuderi - Voynov


EDIT: ahh, who am I kidding, it's the Flames, who ironically don't like the notion of burning everything down to the ground and starting over :P, they'd be lucky if their GM finally comes to his senses

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