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(Proposals) Van-Fla Van-Phi

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To Van: JakubVoracek,Sean Couturier.

To Phi: Alex Edler,Mayson Raymond,1st 2013,3rd 2013.


To Van: Quinton Howden,Dmitri Kulikov.

To Fla: Roberto Luongo, Bill Sweatt,Jordan Schroeder.

I think they are good trades because we get Kulikov in for Edler and two top six fowards and a prospect.

Sign Ellis for 1 year 1.5 million or 1 million.

Lineup to start the year if there is one..











Pcuzz :canucks:

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Neither team does it.. If they are willing to part with couturier then they probably won't want to give up another future big point producer in voracek too. You would definitely have to send a future point producer back otherwise everything they've completely reversed this whole recycle just so they can land edler.

Look at it this way, they already traded a future young star forward in jvr for schenn.. So they have up graded their D. Sure they would love to have edler, but what is the point if you trade 2 of your future top forwards for him. That leaves you with schenn and giroux.. No more jvr, voracek or couturier.

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Look, I'm a huge Edler fan and want to keep him as a Canuck as much as the next guy. But do yourself a favour and go on capgeek and check out who's available for UFA dman in 2013. It's a really sad list. Some team with a ton of cap space is gonna offer Edler 7M+. Look how much Ehrhoff and Suter got. No way MG can match that without completely screwing this team up for the future or MG will have to offer Edler one of his signature 12 years contracts which I prey I never see again. Only way Edler stays is if he takes a huge hometown discount which I'm not sure he's willing to do.

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Like I said, I love Edler and I want him in Vancouver for as long as possible. But I'm sure Poile thought the same thing bout Suter and Hamhuis, Lou thought the same thing bout Parise. But some of these guys want to test free agency. It's their right, they've earned it. LIke who wouldn't wanna be in a room with a dozen or so GMs throwing money at you? And Edler knows he's the best UFA damn out there. But in all honesty, I hope you're right about Edler signing a new contract with us before another team can get to him or else it's gonna be a pretty short fight for MG.

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No, not a nice trade proposal. This is just terrible.

Edler > Voracek (Just by a bit)

Raymond + First <<<<<< Couturier

The Florida deal is even worse.

Kulikov is untouchable, it would take Edler to pry him out.

BTW Its Garisson

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