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Van-Chicago Van-Win + Signing

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To Vancouver: Evander Kane

To Winnipeg: Alex Edler, Jannik Hansen

To Vancouver: Nick Leddy

To Chicago: Roberto Luongo and a conditional 3rd.

Sign Jason Arnott to a 1 year, 2.1 million deal.










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You are new here and your proposal has fair value IMO.

Only thing is I am not sure Winnipeg would trade for another D man. They may want Burrows or Kesler because of Burmistrov to KHL rumours. That is one of the best Chicago proposals I have seen.

Signing Arnott is also a real possibility.

Good post IMO

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winnipeg says no.. they arent at the stage where they need edler to solidify their defense and chase the cup for a couple years. theyre at the stage where they need to let their young guns grow and develop together.

there is no way your getting kane without coughing up a young player as good as kane plus more.

edit- on top of that, why would edler want to resign in winnipeg? hes about to enter his prime and they are years away from contending. they would have no chance at retaining him

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I saw this deal and my first thought was "great, another Luongo to Chicago joke". But this trade isn't too bad, I think it's too big to work in real life but in theory it works. Chicago would have to unload Crawford or Emery in a seperate deal, but I'm sure that could be done.

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