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yup, as the tide comes in the feeder fish enter the bay to escape the fast moving water, and so do the salmon. there is a creek that runs through the bay and that's where the salmon feed like crazy before heading up the creek/further down the sound. the fish are constantly jumping out of the water while feeding(at least 1 every 10 seconds). it's a great place to fish, at least until the natives show up with their gill nets and scorch the river of all catchable fish. the fact that they are allowed to do that at all is seriously messed up. I'm all for them being able to fish and all that, but they should have to do it the same way as everyone else, just give them a free license or something. maybe let them do it for 1 day only, to preserve their heiritage (though they should have to do it the same way they used to, without motorboats).

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For the second time in about 3 or 4 months a crackhead knocked on my front door at midnight claiming her car broke down. (This was the day after this thread was made)

The first time her tire was flat and she needed money for gas. She had a little dog with her. She asked to borrow my phone to call for a ride. After she called some guy she stumbled to the road and waited a whole minute before telling me to call the guy to make sure he's on his way. She left her purse by the side of the road.

(My mother-in-law locks her door at midnight because she doesn't want her sons strolling in at all hours of the night. Because of this one of them had to fall asleep in the garage the day before) So I hear a knock on the front door just before midnight, I figured mom locked her door and it's my brother-in-law needing her house key. It's that same crackhead from a few months ago. She said her car broke down in (a town which is 5 miles away from my house) and needs a ride to someone's house using the name of the street saying it's just down the road. Just down the road is 21 miles. I told her no.

What happened after that is another story involving my wife's nephew and takes longer to type.

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Aboriginal Tidal Fishing Law is similar in BC, too, avalanch. Plus, the Government doesn't keep track of what is caught, either. There sure is a big difference between netting a river, creek or stream by boat and by "hand", for sure. Regardless, nice to see you can catch that beautiful animal right at your doorstep.

Your fish looks to be 12 or 13 pounds, eh? Were you on shore or on a little boat?


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Just waking up in the morning gotta thank God

I don't know but today seems kinda odd

No barking from the dogs, no smog

And momma cooked a breakfast with no hog

I got my grub on, but didn't pig out

Finally got a call from a girl wanna dig out

Hooked it up on later as I hit the do'

Thinking will i live, another twenty-fo'

I gotta go cause I got me a drop top

And if I hit the switch, I can make the ass drop

Had to stop at a red light

Looking in my mirror not a jacker in sight

And everything is alright

I got a beep from Kim and she can f**k all night

Called up the homies and I'm askin y'all

Which court, are y'all playin basketball?

Get me on the court and I'm trouble

Last week f**ked around and got a triple double

Freaking brothers everyway like M.J.

I can't believe, today was a good day

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