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Best Swedish player of all time

Who is the best Swedish NHLer of all time?  

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Edit: Poll added

I just saw the thread about the best Finish player, and I was thinking, who's the best Swedish player ever to play in the NHL?

This is my take list:

1) Nicklas Lidström

Mr. Perfect played 20 perfect seasons for the Red Wings, he was the first Swede to win the Conn Smythe Trophy, won seven Norris Trophies, was the first European ever to captain a team to the Cup. He is, to me, the second best defenseman ever to play the game.

He is one of the most consistent players ever to play in the NHL.

2) Peter Forsberg

Forsberg in his prime was arguably one of the best players ever to play in the NHL, his mix of physicality, defensive awareness and offensive game was unique, his point per game ratio is by far the highest of any Swedish player. He was also great in the playoffs; he missed the entire 2001/02 season due to injurys, came back in the playoffs and won the post season scoring race, while only making it to the semifinals. He was also the first Swedish player ever to win the Art Ross.

But as a Swede, he'll always be remembered for this

the goal that gave us our first ever Olympic gold medal! (He also had an assist on Lidström's goal that gave us our second.)

When Forsberg wasn't injured he was the best Swedish player out there.

3) Mats Sundin

One of the best leaders ever; say what you want about the Leafs, but Sundin was class. His line-mates were never half the player he was, yet he still managed to get a PPG over 1.0. He was always the captain for Team Sweden, as was loved by the people. In 1991 he scored http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhqvTpJyHTssomething that resulted in Sweden winning the WCs. (International tournaments are a WAY bigger deal in Europe than they are in North America.)

4) Börje Salming

The guy who single handedly got rid of the term "Chicken Swedes". Salming played the game with grace, but also with power. Him and Sundin are the only Swedes in the Hockey Hall of Fame, Lidström also stated that playing with Salming in in the 1991 SC's was one of the greatest moments of his career.

5) Markus Näslund

Nothing needs to be said.

6-7) Sedin

Here either.

8) Henrik Lundqvist

King Henrik has recorded 30 or more wins every season of his career, been nominated to the Vezina Trophy four times, won it one time, and the Hart and Ted Lindsey once. He's got one Olympic gold, and two World Championship silver medals.

9) Daniel Alfredsson

If you've scored more than a thousand points in your career and been the captain of a NHL team for more than twelve years, then you're on the list.

10) Pelle Lindbergh

He would probably have been much higher on the list, had he not died very tragically at the age of 26. But he still managed to win the Vezina once, play two All Star Games and get one First All Star Team placement.

What would your top ten look like?

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I would say Lidstrom first and Forsberg second for sure, from there it gets pretty iffy, Forsberg could've been the best ever, IMO, except that his career was hampered by injuries. When he was in his prime and healthy, Forsberg was one of the best power forwards, if not the best, in NHL history.

I know it's not a popular opinion around here, but, I would also put Alfredsson ahead of both Sedins as well as Naslund on this list, Longevity, consistency, and being a captain for 12 years is my reasoning behind that.

No votes for Tommi Salo? ;)

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Borje Salming, "The King", for me.

Not only was he a perrenial all-star on a very good Leafs team in the 70's, he was a pioneer, along with Inge Hammmarstrom, for European players making the jump to the NHL.

787 points in 1148 games... Tough as nails... Hall Of Famer... Brilliant passer (600+ assists)...

Lidstrom and Foppa were awesome, but, for those who watched Salming, an argument can be made for him to be higher than #4 on this subjective list.

I also think that "The Magic Man" should be on this list.

Edit: Forgot to add that I love the addition of Lindbergh at #10. A stud in his all too brief career. RIP, Pelle.


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Anders Hedberg was better than most of the players on the list .. Lidstrom #1, Sundin #2, Forsberg #3, Salming #4, Hedberg #5, Henrik Sedin #6, Daniel Sedin #7, Kent Nilsson #8, Naslund #9, Alfredsson #10 ..

((FYI Hedberg's stats: (WHA and NHL) 751 games, 408 goals, 447 assists .. averaged 1.138 points per game .. ))

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1. Nicklas Lidstrom

- I don't rate him as highly as most do, but he's still the #1 Swede.

2. Peter Forsberg

- One of the best play-makers of All-Time

3. Borje Salming

- The First legendary Swede

4. Kent Nilsson

- Too skilled to ignore, even with a short career

5. Mats Sundin

- Almost always a point a game player

6. Daniel Alfredsson

- Solid leader who has put up some big points

7. Henrik Sedin

- Hart and Art Ross winner in 2009-10

8. Daniel Sedin

- Won Art Ross and Ted Lindsay in 2010-11

9. Mats Naslund

- Skilled left wing who won the Lady Byng in 1988

10. Henrik Lundqvist

- Best Swedish goaltender of all-time and he's still going stronger than ever before.

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