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[Discussion] Evander Kane,Lucic or J.Benn?


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The title says it all, if you could pick one BC forward to trade for and bring home, who would it be and why?

I'd personally take E.Kane, he has more offensive talent that Lucic and I'm not sure what to think of Benn. He very well could be a fluke, but for now, he'll remain Dallas' future.


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Benn would be the best fit for us right now. Kane would be my first pick but he's a sniper/power forward type of guy and we have a guy like that in Booth (obviously not as good but yeah)


Benn could get 40+ assists on this line and be the playmaker

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It's tough. I'm leaning towards Kane or Benn just because they have something that Lucic doesn't, speed. It's clear that Lucic is bigger and the better fighter, but I think Kane and Benn have better hands and offensive upside. Right now Benn I'd say Benn because he's a better scrapper and brings a complete package but I think Kane will be better in the long run.

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If Nonis had a brain, this is how our 2007 draft would've been

1st round: David Perron

2nd round: PK Subban

3rd round: No pick

4th round: Jamie Benn (Dallas had a pick before us in the 5th round)

5th-7th doesn't matter

Jesus come to think of it, we could have a team thats 5 times more stacked than it is right now. I could list every single player we missed out on thats a superstar today but I don't feel like it.

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