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Upcoming 2013 UFA contracts, what do you want?


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As any informed Canucks fan knows, this off season Vancouver had very few UFA contracts ending, but at the end of the 2013 season our roster COULD look very different.

The follow players are UFA's come next summer (Just immediate roster players) :

Manny Malhotra

Mason Raymond

Alex Burrows

Chris Higgins

Maxim Lapierre

Andrew Ebbett

Aaron Volpatti

Alex Edler

Andrew Alberts

I am skipping RFA's to make this simpler.

The question is what would YOU feel comfortable offering each of these players for their next contract, what would this be dependent on in the 2012-13 season, and would you rather let them go?

I guess as the OP I will start.

Manny Malhotra - 2 yrs @ 1M/yr - Even if he does not play like he did 2010-2011 this year I would be comfortable giving him 2 more years to solidify the 4th line, as center or winger he in a great mentor and still fantastic in his own end. If not, offer him a coaching position.

Mason Raymond - 1 yr @ 2.275M - Essentially the same contract he is on, and this is only if he performs well this season (20g, 20a) giving him another season to prove that he can be consistent season to season. If he does poorly I would let him walk.

Alex Burrows - 6 yr @ 4M/yr - Burrows has proven his consistency and durability, as well as his skill and heart, I would offer this contract even before this season starts, and if he held out for more I would be willing to start getting closer to 5M. I just feel 6-7 years is the most he is going to play.

Chris Higgins - 3yrs @ 3.0M/yr - I feel that if he has another season like he had last season it would be smart to lock Higgy up to a comfortable contract at about average cap per roster spot as he fits in both on the 2nd and 3rd lines, Higgins is too valuable to lose, but I think anything over 3 should be for guaranteed 2nd line wingers. Higgins seems to love Vancouver and would probably go for this.

Maxim Lapierre - 6yrs @ 1.5M/yr - Barring a completely terrible season where Max forgets how to play defensively I believe most canucks fans want him signed to a fairly long contract. Max is the perfect 4th line center and has shown the ability to slot anywhere in the lineup. I believe he has more offensive upside then he has shown and still being young 27, he should be locked up for his prime.

Andrew Ebbett - I do not see him being re-signed unless he has an outing like he had last year with his GWG's, if he does that again 1yr @ 650k

Aaron Volpatti - 2 yrs @ 750k - If he produces a little more offensively (10p) has regular fights (5+) plays well defensively (-5<) on a very defensive 4th line, and amounts more than 100 hits.

Alex Edler - 6yrs @ 5M - I am a skeptic, and I believe Edler's point total was for the same reason as Erhroff's (sedin's, PP) and I think his +/- isn't reassuring, but I would be willing to offer him Kesler's contract without the NTC as he has shown the ability to be a game changer, I would not give any more than Kesler's contract as it is already above the other top defense on the team. If he held out for more money he is our most valuable trading chip IMO.

Andrew Alberts - No contract - He was a serviceable defense man when needed but barring an amazing showing this season, I just don't see him staying on the roster, he is getting older and is no where as good a defense man as Rome was. His spot can be easily filled by one of our up and coming D prospects.

So To Conclude

Malhotra: 2M contract

Raymond: 2.275M Contract

Burrows: 24M contract

Higgins: 9M contract

Lapierre 9M contract

Ebbett: 650k max

Volpatti: 1.5M contract

Edler: 30M contract

Alberts: No contract

SO those are my thoughts, think for yourselves, what would YOU offer to our pending UFA's?

Edit: please move to Armchair GM section, I could have sworn I clicked on it.

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Edler: 6 years, $5.65 million per

Burrows: 5 years, $4 million per

Raymond: No contract

Alberts: No contract

Ebbett: 2 years, $775K

Volpatti: 1 year, $650K

Higgins: 3 years, $2.3 million per

Lapierre: 3 years, $1.4 million per

Other UFA's to target: Perry, Lupul, Streit, Horton, Zajac, Clowe, Gagne, Zubrus, Weiss, Clarkson and Brouwer

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Malhotra - Walk or 1 year worth 1-1.25 million

Raymond - Walk or (if he gets 40+ points) 1-2 years at a 2.75 million cap hit

Burrows - 4 year deal worth 17 million (4.25 million cap hit)

Higgins - 3 years worth 9 million (3 million cap hit)

Lappiere - 3 years worth 4.5 million (1.5 million cap hit)

Ebbett - 1 year worth 650K

Volpatti - 2 years worth 1.4 million (700K cap hit)

Edler - 6 year deal worth 30 million (5 million cap hit)

Alberts - Walk

To OP - deals look solid and reasonable but IMO 6 year term for Lapierre isn't ideal. At 1.5 million he should get a 2-3 year deal where he can try to produce more and earn a long term contract at a higher cap hit

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Why do so many of you want Malholtra for another 2 years? He's already old and not close to the same player he was before his injury, we could find a far better upgrade for the 4th line. We don't need to keep him just because of his eye injury, we never kept Ohlund because of his.

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Malhotra- walk

Raymond- walk

Burrows- 5 years @ 4.15

Higgins- 3 years @ 2.9

Lapierre- 3 years @ 1.4

Ebbett- walk

Volpatti- walk

Edler- 7 years @ 5.25

Alberts- walk

I've let some of those guys go because i feel some prospects will be ready to make the jump. I envision the team to look like this:










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