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(proposal) revamping the team

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trade #1 getting rid of Luongo

florida is apparently the only team in the running for lou, but they are not willing to give up too much so this trade will be even for both teams

to van: Howden, Robak, Weaver, Clemmensen, 2nd

to fla: Luongo, Sweatt, 4th

we get 2 B+ prospects(LW howden, RD robak), a good stay at home d-man, a backup goalie and a 2nd rounder

fla gets lou who can carry them to the playoffs despite them loosing garrison and a few others. they get sweatt who can somewhat replace howden on the depth chart and a 4th rounder. i think its fair for both teams. fla doesnt give away there best prospects and we get some good pieces in return

#2 getting young talent

to van: brassard

to cbj: 2013 1st

cbj doesnt seam too fond of brassard, they benched him in some games and arguments between the parties have gone on, but he is still a very good young cenetrman. we give them our 1st rounder so they can rebuild more.

to van: simmonds, manning, 2013 3rd

to phi: hansen, ballard, cannata

van gets a strong winger, a decent D prospect from BC and a 3rd

phi gets a replacement for simmonds in hansen, they need d-men now that lilija and mezardos are out for the forseable future and cannata is the successor to brygalov

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even though our 1st rounder will most likely be a low pick, this is susposed to be a very deep draft, so i wouldnt give it up for a potential 3rd liner. i dont even know where to begin with the florida deal. and theres no way philly makes that trade. theres a reason they re signed simmonds for, what was it, 6 years.

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