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Alex vs Alex

Makaramel MacKhiato

Which Alex would you take  

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I saw this on another website, and it was a tough choice to make for me.

the question is: If due to cap reasons, you could only sign one "Alex", which Alex would you sign?

Remember this is realistic as both of their contracts are ending in the next season, so which one would you prefer to have stick around on the Canucks, please give reasons after vote. Thanks

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Hmm, tough one. As much as I like Alex "Clutch" Burrows, I'm going with Alex Edler. Our defence was terrible last year and don't want to get it worse without Edler in the line-up. Also, Edler is also 5 years younger than Burrows. I believe Burrows can be replaced with Kassian, Jensen, Schroeder etc. all still young and have the potential to be top 6 forwards.

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Burrows all day, everyday. ;)

He's the fire for our team. He is the perfect teammate the Sedin's have ever had. When the 2nd lines not doing well, he goes on their and makes them click. If the 3rd lines not doing well, he'll make them click too. Phenomenal penalty killer, agitator, scorer, and he's got the best go-to penalty shot move in the NHL. Guys a key part to the team in the locker room / always cheers guys up, and he always gives it his 100%.

I choose Burrows over Edler because if Edler doesn't sign, Ballard can step right in. If Burrows doesn't sign, our top 6 is done, simple as that; and Burrows is much more consistent than Edler.

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I personally think both are overrated on CDC, Edler might be a 50 point defenseman, but he, at times, is very weak defensively. With Edler, one has to factor in his potential. Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike him, but those who say he DESERVES $5M+ are just being homers. He could very well get that much on the open market, but that doesn't mean he's worth that much.

Burrows on the other hand, I think he is one of the best third liners in the league. When playing with the Sedins, he plays like a first liner. But given that he needs the Sedins to be a 25+ goal scorer, I wouldn't give him more then $3.75M.

At the end of the day, what it comes down to is who wants what. Everyone knows Burrows is willing to take less to play here then he would get as a free agent somewhere else. Edler on the other hand might pull an Ehrhoff and go to some city where he feels like he can "win a cup".

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