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Luo in florida


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So after being treated like trash and giving Canucks fans the best goaltending they've ever see in their teams history, Luongo's now a traitor cause he wants to get away from it?

Am I an idiot to sleep in my house instead of on the streets???

Some of our fans really need to start acting like actual fans

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I would just like to say that I am 16 years old and at a point I didn't watch hockey. I am a girl so whe I was little it's not to common to be a young girl as a major hockey fan. My brotehr on the other hand was a hockey fan, he watched any team but mostly followed the leafs. So one night as he was watching a gae between the Canucks and the Devils my brother was going on and on about how good Broduer is. So I wanted to watch and see what the fuss about this guy is.

I know that he is a great goalie but I remember this was a bad game for him and Lu was playing great. So I told my brother that I iked Luongo waay better than Broduer and he said well he's good but Broduer is better and I disagreed. Ever since then Luongo is what brought me to love the Canucks. He is the sole reason I started watching hockey and becoming the major Cancuk fan that I am.

As I was watching I managed to convince my familhy how good he and the canucks were and my dad, brother and I are all huge 'nucks fans. I started liking teh Canucks because of Luongo and seeing him go will be heartbreaking for me. He is a great guy, deserves better than his treatment and I will miss him dearly when he moves on.

I never thought I would have to even think about him leaving but here it is. Wherever he goes he will win the cup. No matter what team I will be cheering him on. He deserves it.

And to the future canucks fans that believe Cory will bring the cup home, goodluck. Luongo is the best golaie we've ever had and I think he always will be. It may not be by stats but I will certanly always think so.

Love you Luu, It's doubtful at this point but I hope you stay. goodluck out there :towel:

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