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Amnesty buyouts


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hey ladies and gentlemen. In this extremely slow time where we all mourn the impending lock out and look for any scrape of hockey news we can i hope i can get everyones mind working a little bit. As we all know the salary cap is gonna be rolled back, to what degree we still dont know, but its safe to safe that it ill be a lot. There is now talk as well about not rolling back salary so what that means is the sedins will still be worth a 6 mil cap hit.

One option to figure out how to deal with the roll back of salary cap and not individual salaries has been an amnesty buyout which just means a player can have there contract bought out and the team doesnt have to worry about a cap hit. There is also talk about no longer being able to hide contracts in the minors. So assuming the cap is dropped about 10 million there are a lot of teams that will need to drop bellow this cap. So it raises the question, can teams take advantage of this somehow?

Here is the hypothetical situation, team A has spent very near to the cap and has a few ugly contracts, teams B actually has a little wiggle room under the cap. Team A cant dump the 10 mil it needs to through trades so they are forced to buy out some contracts but cant afford it or dont want the expense, so how much is it worth? lets say the canucks having gotten below the cap say "yah we will buy out that contract for you but we want a 3rd round pick to do it".

Rick Dipietro contract comes to mind in a situation where something like this could happen, easy way to get ride of a cap hit but the isles cant really afford it. Does a more well off team trade for him and picks just for the purpose of buying out the contract?

Food for thought in a starving for NHL world.

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only thing i can see is if they do not roll back then they have to eliminate the cap floor.

but if an owner can say hey i am now paying you 25% less then we agreed on in this signed legal document ..then the players have the option of saying the contract is now void and i will be signing with someone else.

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this isnt my situation as much as one that could arise if the NHL goes down that path and they would be paying for it. In this situation they would have to give up a draft pick to have the contract taken off there hands. The amnesty buyout is also just a one time thing, by the beginning of the year it would go back to normal. What ever normal is.

Also a few amnesty buyouts a year per team would do way more for allowing teams to move players because they arent weighed down by guys the same way. Also its easy to forget that there is real money behind this all, a guy gets signed to a long term deal paying him 40 million dollars or so and someone decides to buy it out that money is still having to be paid. Owners arent gonna like that happening consistently

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