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(Discussion/Proposal) Bobby Ryan for Paul Stastny


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Title says it all. Would Paul Stastny for Bobby Ryan be a fair one for one, or would other pieces from each side have to be added? IMO Ryan would just about complete Colorado's top six and Stastny would be a great 2nd line center for the Ducks.


Landeskog - Duchene - Ryan

Hejduk - O'Reilly - Parenteau


Selanne - Getzlaf - Perry

Smith-Pelly - Stastny - ????

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Value wise the Avs should add some minor value, but the more important thing is that the Ducks really have no offensive depth, especially on the wings. With Ryan gone they could be in trouble if one of their top guys (Selanne, Perry) gets injured, so I would think that Koivu also gets dealt for a winger or the Avs also trade a winger with Paul to the Ducks.

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Stastny has a bigger contract than Ryan, and is signed for less term at this point. He's had a couple of better seasons in the past but there's no guarantee he'll do that in Anaheim so he's worth less in trade to the Avs than he is in value to them on the ice. They do have a fair amount of center depth, but with Duchene on such a short term deal, I'm not sure they'd want to do it.

It'd make sense that Anaheim would be interested but I doubt they'd get a a top 6 type winger included from the Avs as they have a much better prospect pool at wing and center where the Avs are actually pretty poor at the wing position for future. I don't see Olver being of interest to Anaheim for that reason so they might want to go after a higher pick instead to even it out.

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Fills a need for both teams; but ask the question this way;

Would you rather have Stastny fill our 2knd line role while Kes is out, then either play with him or take 3rd line or...

Have Bobby Ryan on our first line with Danny and Hank?

To me Ryan would be the easy choice > so it would seem obvious the deal needs a big value add in on top of Stastny to get Anaheim to bite.

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