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Canucks Jersey's Ranked 17th among teams


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Free Willy, the beloved Orca whale that is on our teams jersey, was ranked the 17th best jersey in the NHL. The number one spot went to the Montreal Canadiens and rightfully so. It’s clean, crisp and has history and tradition behind it. On the other hand, our logo and uniforms seems to go through an identity crisis every five years. There is even talk of bringing in the Vancouver Millionaires jersey as a future third jersey.

Free Willy! The problem here isn’t the Orca logo, which has actually developed a little bit of gravitas after 15 years (can you believe it’s been that long?). The problem is the city name, which doesn’t belong on the jersey and needs to go.

The top NHL jersey’s according to ESPN:

  • Montreal Canadiens

  • Boston Bruins

  • New York Rangers

  • Detroit Redwings

  • Philadelphia Flyers

  • Toronto Maple Leafs

  • Pittsburgh Penguins

  • Minnesota Wild

  • Columbus Blue Jackets

  • New Jersey Devils

With that being said, what would you do to modify our jersey's?

Who would be your top 10?

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It's one of thsoe "who gives a !@#$" type of things. It seems like they feel obligated to rank the original 6 teams in the top 7. On top of that Chicago for some reason didn't crack the top 10. But one thing for sure is we don't have the best jerseys in the leauge, not the worst either, but Boston being top 2, is robbery. Yellow and Black? cmon

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Any discussion about the top jerseys in the NHL has to involve Chicago in the top 3-5 at least. You guys may not like the team but there is a long term history with our jersey and it's truly one of the best in all of sports.

I would also disagree with the low placement of the Canucks jersey. Their colour scheme is one of my favourite in the NHL, and while my preference is the 'stink-in-rink' logo the 'orca-C' is pretty solid too. There's absolutely no way the Canucks jersey can be ranked below Minnesota and Columbus, those are two terrible jerseys.

My top 10 jerseys would be:

1. Chicago

2. Vancouver

3. Boston

4. Montreal

5. Philly

6. Colorado

7. Winnipeg

8. LA

9. Edmonton

10. St. Louis

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Ridonculous - they have Columbus and Minnesota's listed, which are arguably the ugliest ones out there.

I don't really like the Orca either and adding Vancouver on top made it uglier for sure. I espouse going back to what we started with - stick and rink please. Most people buy our third jerseys anyways.

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