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MODO commercial, Forsberg and Näslund, Forsberg sings


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Just thought I'd post this, MODO Hockey has made a commercial to make more people come to the games. Forsberg and Näslund participate, and Forsberg even sings!

Näslund is such a horrible actor by the way :D

(The basic plot of the video is that Marcus and Peter welcome a guest to the arena, they show him/her where he's supposed to sit, and then Forsberg "entertains" him or her by singing, and Näslund says "We've got another speaker during the games.)

The video is located at MODO's website

It's called "Reklamfilm" "Värvning av den sjätte utespelaren pågår - Du gör skillnad!"

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Uh, so which one is it? We don't all speak Swedish...

EDIT: Even with Google Translate it wasn't completely clear, particularly after the first video wouldn't load, but I finally got a few seconds to play and saw that it was the one meant in the OP.

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