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The power abuse our fellow forum Moderators are comitting is absurd. No sooner does a topic reach the front page of the website, a Mod scratches their hairy belly and locks the thread.

For instance, today I visited the front page (and no, I'm quite obviously not a forum junkie. I don't sift through dozens of threads / hundreds of pages to post a witty remark) and a popular forum topics name was "Luongo in Vancouver for possible early summit with Canucks' GM Mike Gillis?". Seemed interesting enough. I read the post and was mildly entertained, so I proceded to scroll down to indulge myself in our wonderful communities' comments on the subject. Just when things were getting good, BAN HAMMER. Not only did this Mod have the audacity to lock the topic, he decided he would post two links, where he believes any news regarding Luongo should be placed. Really? This one thread he's directed us to has 1.6k comments, 56 pages and none of it is on any organized topic aside from people trolling one another. I sifted through 13 pages before my brain started bleeding.

This is merely one case of hundreds I've witnessed over the years that I've been visiting the Canucks' webpage. When a topic does get promoted to front page, and people are having avid discussions on it in the comment section, you DON'T power abuse and lock the thread, directing us to another thread thats been dead for months. Plenty of people come to this website daily seeking any news released via the official Canucks media Headlines; If nothings changed, the tendancy is to scroll down to Latest Board Topics and see what is being discussed.

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You're not going to like this but:

10. You will not abuse the moderators.

If you have an issue with a moderator's actions, need clarification on a moderator's decision, or want to make a suggestion to the moderating team, you are welcome to. However, this should only be done by PMing a mod, and not by making publicly viewable threads or posts. You are expected to always treat the moderators with respect, even when expressing a disagreement.

PM me and we can discuss.

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