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I must say, it is funny watching you and the OP laugh or facepalm each other's proposals, yet you both keep right on making them.

From your latest proposal about possible 2nd line wingers, when people brought up how your suggestion of Paajarvi for our second line was flawed:

Yandle is comparable to Edler offensively, but worse defensively so straight value there is pretty close. Yandle is at least signed for the next few years where Edler's on his last year of this contract though.

If Edler won't sign with us, what makes you think he'll sign an affordable contract for the cash-strapped Coyotes?

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Why would I reply to someone else and then quote you to say it was your proposal? I'm saying you said his proposal was no good, then he's saying yours in no good either. I find that funny, almost as much as your lack of reading comprehension.

And I have made proposals before, feel free to go search for them and see if they're better than yours. I can tell you right now they try and take into account the needs of the other team involved.

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