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PS3 GM Connected League(Casual Play/Sim) (Full!)


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My league is just a casual league. I hope to play as many games as I can, and I hope you can as well. It won't be frowned upon though if you have to sim a good portion of games. I have gotten some people I know pesonally to join and I would love everyone else here to feel welcome to join. It's a no pressure league, just a bit of fun. If anyone can tell me how to post the team logo icons please PM me! You can pick whatever teams are remaining. Post your team selection and PSN ID.

Anaheim- /user/5650-jli17/">JLi17 (PSN: JLi17)

Boston- /user/84457-king-of-the-north/">King Of The North (PSN: NuckNation7)

Buffalo- /user/15004-wellwood4life/">wellwood4life (PSN: dvlj86)

Calgary- Taken

Carolina- /user/94137-lapierre40/">Lapierre40 (PSN: mallhi009)

Chicago- (PSN: crazycanucksfan1)

Colorado- /user/85320-beavertongue/">BeaverTongue (PSN: customdeath)

Columbus- Taken

Dallas- /user/87806-khalifawiz501/">khalifawiz501 (PSN: canucks_sahota)

Detroit- Taken

Edmonton- (PSN: xD-man99x)

Florida- /user/66403-badassian9/">Badassian9 (PSN: thong2tight)

Los Angeles- (PSN: canucks-rock)

Minnesota- /user/10168-hockeynut30/">HockeyNut30 (PSN: NoamChomsky1)

Montreal- (PSN: Youngg666)


New Jersey- /user/85889-keslerific/">Keslerific (PSN: phenomenous)

New York Islanders- /user/34785-sodapop/">SodaPop (PSN: v1knesh)

New York Rangers- /user/50680-2guys1puck/">2Guys1Puck (PSN: KnuckleChucker13)

Ottawa- /user/60332-cowfun71/">Cowfun71 (PSN: Cowfun71)

Philadelphia- (PSN: mihow)

Phoenix- Taken

Pittsburgh- /user/94258-wingman91/">Wingman91 (PSN: Wingman742)

San Jose- /user/56630-flyingskate91/">Flying.Skate91 (PSN: jhari09)

St Louis- (PSN: Dirk6Diggler9)

Tampa Bay- /user/93952-islandty/">IslandTy (PSN: Twobitz)

Toronto- Taken

Vancouver- /user/84618-loukesburr/">LouKesBurr (PSN: native4lyfe)

Washington- /user/93872-ashlynnbrookefan/">ashlynnbrookefan (PSN: lucky-lager89)

Winnipeg- (PSN: amicu)

The league is called play and sim.

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Sorry about not updating the list last night! I had school until 10 and I just wanted to go to bed when I got home. It's updated now. Just waiting for more spots to fill up now and for a few guys to make CDC accounts. Feel free to post your trading blocks, untouchables, wants, etc and start trying to work out deals! To get a deal done I just need to get verification from both parties via PM/both people posting. In a trade posting include the players overall and their cap hit. Overalls can be found here: http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nhl-puck-daddy/nhl-13-player-team-ratings-western-conference-171103847--nhl.html and http://ca.sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nhl-puck-daddy/nhl-13-player-team-ratings-eastern-conference-220009401--nhl.html

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